Bark specialises in the care and management of larger gardens and intensive residential properties

Our management approach ensures your garden looks its best, whatever the season. We use our expertise to bring your garden vision to life and then manage and refine that vision, in consultation with you, into the future.

We give you the freedom of time and choice

We appreciate that balancing a busy life or role with the desire for a great garden is a challenge. Our comprehensive service and expertise gives our clients the confidence and freedom to choose their level of involvement. This holistic approach delivers a consistent standard across the board, is more efficient and easier to manage for all.

Gardens are dynamic and ever changing. Our people understand that effective garden management is never static – that’s the joy and challenge of gardening. The key to superior gardens lies in observing, understanding and adapting to the changes nature presents.

Our people understand this and are always eager to take this challenge. They know that great gardens can only be achieved by focusing on detail, refinement and most of all, an understanding of plants.