Bark’s grounds management approach enables the achievement of the highest standard and visual effect, while ensuring the long term viability of the magnificent grounds and campuses entrusted to our care.

Our clients have challenging and busy schedules and we pride ourselves on our ability to work around these, ensuring the smooth operation of our client’s businesses and properties, while continuing to deliver consistently high standards.

Bark’s grounds management approach starts with a holistic look at your property, scrutinising the design of individual areas, their usage and purpose.

It is critical in any grounds environment and especially large properties that resources and energies are applied to gain maximum impact and affect.

This approach ensures high standards can be consistently delivered in a financially viable model long term. Bark has the in-house expertise to efficiently manage the diverse requirements of any property with large grounds, from gardening and turf experts (both amenity and sports turf) to arborists and indoor plant technicians. This capability enables Bark to take complete responsibility for your outdoor grounds environment, delivering consistent standards and efficiencies both in our operation and yours.